Hay Destroyed In Fire

Little Rock, Iowa — Some round hay bales and cut hay was destroyed in a fire on Friday, May 6, 2016 near Little Rock.
Little Rock Fire Truck FD
According to Little Rock First Assistant Fire Chief Tom Ver Steeg, about 4:50 PM, the Little Rock Fire Department was called to the report of hay on fire at a cattle setup at 4523 170th Street, two miles south of Little Rock and a mile west.

The chief says the fire department saw about twelve round bales and a significant amount of chopped hay on fire in bunkers as they approached the scene. He says skid loaders were used to pull the hay apart. The fire department kept the equipment cool as they went in to take out the burning hay, and then they spread they hay apart and doused it with water and foam.

There were no injuries reported, according to First Assistant Chief Ver Steeg.

The fire department was assisted by the Sibley Fire Department. Ver Steeg says they provided water.

He says at this time the cause of the fire remains undetermined.

First Assistant Chief Ver Steeg says about 75 percent of the hay burned, but some was salvageable.

He says they used 10,000 gallons of water to fight the fire, and crews were on scene for four hours. The Little Rock Ambulance Crew assisted on the scene.



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