Highway 18 Paving Project Most Likely Won’t Be Finished Until Next Spring

Sheldon, Iowa — If you’ve traveled down Highway 18 from Sheldon to Sanborn over the past several months, you know that the road has been undergoing a resurfacing project, which began with a bridge resurfacing last April.

Now, the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Cherokee Resident Engineer, Steve McElmeel says they might not be able to complete the project until next spring.

The Iowa Department of Transportation website lists the completion date for the project as October, 2017. We asked McElmeel about the reason for the project’s delayed completion.

He says the company doing the resurfacing project has had more equipment breakdowns than normal, which have hurt efficiency in the project.

Sources tell KIWA that one of those equipment breakdowns happened this weekend, when the paver broke down, leaving thirteen loads of hot asphalt waiting to be laid. McElmeel says he hadn’t heard of this most recent breakdown, but talked about what would come of the truckloads of asphalt that couldn’t be be laid due to the paver breakdown.

The Highway 18 resurfacing project from Sheldon to Sanborn began last April, and was slated for completion last month, causing the company doing the job to work 7 days a week for the past few weeks.



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