Insurer Offers Tips To Thwart Porch Pirates, After Sharp Rise In Home Thefts

Iowa — This is Cyber Monday, as online holiday shopping hits a peak, and Iowans are being warned to plan ahead to keep porch pirates from stealing their packages.

Iowa’s largest home insurer is reporting a 26-percent increase in residential theft claims nationwide compared to last year, and State Farm spokeswoman Michal Brower is offering tips to avoid being ripped off. If you just want to be sure you know when something is delivered, Brower says requiring a signature is a simple and effective option.

Requiring a signature for package delivery also ensures you’ll receive the package directly and it won’t be sitting in front of your house for any length of time. As an alternative, Brower touts using a community package delivery box for another layer of safety.

Doorbell security cameras are relatively easy to install, they’re not expensive, and can enable you to talk with someone who’s at your front door from your couch or across the country. Brower says home security systems are becoming very popular, and may even get you a discount on your insurance premiums, while thwarting those porch pirates.

If you don’t want to spring for a security system, fake cameras, complete with blinking red lights, are another available option to deter would-be thieves.



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