July Sees Fairly Average Temperatures, Dry Conditions Continue

Sheldon, Iowa — Sheldon saw average temperatures for July prevail to very near normal, and even with some rounds of thunderstorms, and although wetter than June had been, continued its dry spell throughout the month of July 2022.

According to the weather facts ascertained each day by KIWA Radio, July found its highest temperature being on the 1st, with a high temperature of 91 degrees. As warm as that is, it did not encroach on any record highs, which predominately for the month of July break triple-digits, even as high as 110 in 1936. The month’s average high was 84 degrees, compared to the normal high of 85. Last year’s average high was 83.

The lowest the temperature got in Sheldon for the month of July 2022 was 50 degrees on the 28th of the month. This also did not set any new record, as the record lows for July in Sheldon remained throughout the 40’s. The lowest temperature ever recorded in July was 41 degrees, which has occurred twice in July in Sheldon, first on July 4th of 1967, and then happened again on July 30th of 1971. The average low temperature for July 2022 was 62 degrees, compared to the normal low of 61.  Last year’s average low was 61.

The precipitation for July 2022 was measured exclusively in rain, although there were spots of hail that occurred with some thunderstorms that rolled through the area throughout the month. The cumulative precipitation measured 2.54 inches. Most rainfalls were scattered throughout the month, coming in at not much more than a tenth of an inch, and the largest rainfall received in Sheldon, Iowa in July 2022, was on July 6th, with nearly half the month’s precipitation, measuring 1.14 inches. Normal precipitation for the month of July in Sheldon is 3.35 inches, so even with the rainfall received, Sheldon increased its rainfall deficit in July by 0.81 inches, bringing the year to date deficit from normal to 4.39 inches, with a cumulative year to date precipitation total at just 12.33 inches.

Sheldon also saw its fourth Derecho since August 2020, the evening of July 5th, 2022, which caused widespread power outages, considerable tree damage, and had wind speeds clocked as high as 79 mph in the area.



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