Sheldon City Council To See Proposed Design For New Water Tower Paint Job

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council will meet in regular session on Wednesday afternoon, August 3rd, 2022.

On their agenda, among other items is resolution to authorize the placement of stop signs on 7th Street at the 5th Avenue intersection, which would stop 7th Street where it intersects 5th Avenue to assist emergency services. City Manager Sam Kooiker says this is in regard to the Sheldon Fire Comany’s request.

The council will consider promoting Sheldon Police Officer Greg Jacobsma to full-time.

The council will discuss executing a grant application that was previously approved by the City during the March 16 Council Meeting. After executing this agreement, the City will be able to submit for reimbursement costs associated with the Runway project.

They will also consider making payments on a number of projects and deal with any change orders.

The Sheldon City Council will also deal with some paperwork in regard to the general obligation capital loan notes for 3.5 million dollars and decide whether to appove the preliminary official statement. The notes would be “for essential corporate purposes, to provide funds to pay the costs of aiding in the planning, undertaking, and carrying out of urban renewal projects including the acquisition, construction, reconstruction, improvement, repair and equipping of the East Side Water Tower.”

They will decide which bid to accept (if any) for a Rec Trail project, consider an agreement with the Iowa Department of Transportation for $200,000 in grant funds for the proposed traffic signal at Hwy 18/34th Avenue, and consider a paint design for the new water tower.

The meeting will be at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon in the Council Chambers in the Sheldon Community Services Center.



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