Kirschbaum Accepts Promotion — In Dubuque

Sheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon man who served as a school administrator here and has been working for the Red Cross in Sioux City has taken a promotion and is now serving the Red Cross in eastern Iowa.
Bob Kirschbaum
Bob Kirschbaum, who served as Sheldon’s East Elementary’s principal for five years tells us how he got to a place where he could accept the position of Executive Director of the Red Cross’s Northeast Iowa chapter.

He tells us about his new job in Dubuque, and the new philosophy of the Red Cross.

Kirschbaum says at least for now, he and his wife continue to live in Sheldon.

He says the Executive Director of the Red Cross for the North and Western parts of Iowa, Tammy Lee used to work alongside Kirshbaum, but now she has taken over the counties that Kirschbaum used to cover.

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