Lawsuit Targets City Of Davenport And Owner Of Collapsed Apartment Building

Davenport, Iowa — Another lawsuit is being filed following the partial collapse of a downtown Davenport apartment building that killed three tenants.

Lexus and Quanishia Berry were in their apartment on May 28th when their part of the six-story building dropped to the ground. Lexus was able to escape, but her wife was trapped for nearly eight hours and only got out of the rubble after part of one leg was amputated. Lexus Berry spoke at a news conference on Wednesday.

Steven Hart is the attorney for the women and says he asked them what they wanted.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday names building owner Andrew Wold, several LLCs connected to him, as well as his property management company, an engineering firm, and contractors. It also names the City of Davenport and the building’s prior owner. The Berrys’ lawsuit is the second to be filed in connection with the incident.