Master Donates Locks For Prom Love Lock Bridge

Sheldon, Iowa — Sheldon Project Prom has been planning to make a small version of the Love Lock Bridge in Paris for Sheldon Prom this year. Visiting couples at the Paris bridge lock a padlock to the bridge to symbolize their commitment.
love lock bridge
But after some publicity on KIWA and at, Project Prom has just received word that the Master Lock company will be donating a number of locks to make the bridge.

We talked to Renee Sterler, one of the people heading up Project Prom this year, and she tells us how it got started.

Sterler says she had spoken with Rachel McDonald at KIWA and had asked for the station to announce that Project Prom was looking for padlocks for this project, and to put a notice on the web site, as well as Facebook. Sterler says she doesn’t know how the Master Lock Company got word of their project.

Sterler says that even though they will be receiving this generous donation from Master, the used padlock search continues.

She says they hope couples will attach a lock to the bridge.

So if you have open padlocks, preferably still with a key, that’s what they’re looking for. They can be dropped off at the Sheldon High School office, or you can contact Renee Sterler at 712-348-1935 or ar

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