Methodist Women Establish Adopt-A-College-Student Program

united methodist 89Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon United Methodist Church Women have revived a program that the church had operated several years ago.  The Adopt-A-College-Student Program matches church members with youth of their church who have gone away to college.

Linda Heiliger is the President of the Sheldon United Methodist Women, and she says that the reasons for reviving the program are threefold.

She says that adults in the church who volunteer to take part in this program are not committing to something that consumes a lot of their time.

Heiliger says that all of the students who take part are members of Sheldon United Methodist Church, and all apply to take part.

She says that when this week began they had two more students who had applied than they had church members to adopt them.  However, as of this time they have secured enough volunteers to fill the demand.



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