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Middle School Science Fair Winners Selected; Will Head to The State Science Fair In March

Sheldon, Iowa — Judges chose the top three projects at the Sheldon Middle School Science Fair on November 15th.

The top three science projects are completely different from one another. The projects involved fish, reading, and bowling. KIWA spoke with the students that were chosen in the top three.

Third place went to Tamsyn Matus and Rania Vargas who worked together to find out how different types of music can affect how fast a person may read. They tell us their findings.

When asked what they thought about going to the State Science fair they agreed on how excited they are.

Second place went to Addison Dobbins and Alexis Dykstra who partnered up to see how different temperatures of water affect how fish will eat. They tell us what they found out.

They also agree that going to the State Science Fair is exciting, but they are also nervous.

First place went to Hayden McHugh and his project to see reactions to different types of bowling balls on a bowling lane. He tells us his findings.

He says that he is happy also to get to go to the State Science Fair, but maybe for a different reason.

As Pictured left to right: Rania Vargas, Tamsyn Matus, Hayden McHugh, Alexis Dykstra and Addisson Dobbins

The State Science Fair will be in Ames at the end of March 2023.