Neunaber Wants Confession Thrown Out

LeMars, Iowa — An Akron man charged with murdering his mother has requested his confession to that crime be Neunaberruled inadmissible at his trial.  Jonathon Neunaber is accused of First Degree Murder in the death of his 80-year old mother, Esther Neunaber.

In addition to his confession, Neunaber wants the court to rule inadmissible all of the statements he made to authorities following his arrest last summer in Wisconsin. Neunaber claims his rights were violated while he was in custody at the La Crosse, Wisconsin County Sheriff’s Department.

Court documents say that, during interrogation in Wisconsin, Neunaber told about a pair of sweat pants and tennis shoes that were stained with blood, and told authorities where to find them.  Those items were then collected as evidence.

Neunaber’s defense attorney filed the motion to suppress, claiming Neunaber’s right to remain silent and his right to an attorney had been violated. If the judge grants the motion, the jury would not see any of the evidence collected by the La Crosse County Sheriff Department.

The State filed a Resistance Motion to suppress, and has submitted as evidence the transcript and video of Neunaber’s interview with authorities in Wisconsin.

The judge in the case says he hopes to set a date for Neunaber’s trial after ruling on the Motion To Suppress. decision.



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