New Rules In Effect For Thanksgiving Air Travel

Statewide Iowa (Radio Iowa) — You may be one of the thousands of Iowans who are taking advantage of lower ticket prices to fly to see relatives for Thanksgiving.

The executive director of the Des Moines Airport Authority, Kevin Foley, says you may find some new rules when you get to the airport.

He says the electronics requirement is pretty simple.

Foley says you can put those devices on top of your carry-on luggage as you prepare to go through the T-S-A screening. He says the easiest way to find out all you need to know is to go online and review the rules.

Some people combine the Thanksgiving trip with a Christmas celebration. If that’s what you’re doing, DO NOT wrap any presents before you get to the airport.

One other key is to remember that it is one of the busiest travel times of the year and you may have to wait in line sometimes.

Wednesday is one of the busiest travel days, but Foley says NOTHING will top Sunday.

Foley says the good news right now is the weather forecast isn’t showing any concerns of major problems for travelers through the weekend.

For more information visit the T-S-A website by CLICKING HERE.



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