New Cenex Truck Stop/Convenience Store Open for Business At 60 & 18

Sheldon, Iowa — The new Cenex truck stop and convenience store opened for business at 5am Thursday morning.

We talked to Tyler Boone with COOP Gas and Oil, and he tells us about the new facility on Highway 18, just east of the Highway 60 expressway.

(as said:) “About a 6,000 square foot convenience center along with a service shop that will be coming shortly after. We do have a car wash out there as well.

Not only that, but there will be three kinds of food options available, says Boone, two of them big names — one of which is a returning name to the Sheldon area, and one a new name.

(as said:) “What we’re known for in Sioux Center here… We try to do some different homemade food options. We’ll also have a Godfather’s at that location. And down the line, we’re partnering up with a franchisee and Jimmy John’s. That’ll probably come early next year.”

He says the truckers especially seem to appreciate the homemade options.

(as said:) “Guys that are on the road all day want something different… want something that has that home-cooked taste… whether it’s lasagna, meatloaf, hot beef… We try to mix it up and offer something that gives them a taste of back home, too.”

He says they try to help the farmers in whatever way they can — and one of those ways is by offering ethanol blends at the pump.

(as said:) “We’re a cooperative. We’re owned by the community. A good chunk of our businesses is agriculture. We’re going to offer E15 or Unleaded 88 out there at the new site. We’re pretty excited for that. Nationwide, out of all the corn produced in the United States about 40% actually goes into ethanol. So us being able to offer that E15 supports the farmers, supports the area, supports everybody, and offers a little cheaper option. Typically that Unleaded 88 runs about five cents less than standard super unleaded.”

Boone tells us they’re excited to be a part of the Sheldon Community.

(as said:) “We’re definitely making a pretty sizable investment in the community and we and we hope that we get the support back from the community. I’m sure we will. Come out and check it out. There’s definitely value in becoming a member of the co-operative other than the discount you get with our Cooperative Gas and Oil card. The idea of any cooperative is that at the end of the year any savings that we make, based upon member businesses is returned. In years past that’s been a pretty good deal.”

According to Boone, they are shooting for an opening date of Thursday, November 19th. He says the current Coop Gas & Oil location on Second Avenue — Old Highway 60 — will be put up for sale. Boone says they’ll see where that goes. But until it is sold, Boone tells us the two pumps on the west side at that location will stay operational.


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