Nunn Bill To Block $6 Billion Transfer To Iran

Washington, DC — A bill co-sponsored by Iowa Congressman Zach Nunn would block Iran’s access to six billion dollars designated for humanitarian aid. It was part of a recent prisoner swap between the US and Iran.

Iranian oil money had been held in South Korean banks since 2019 and the six billion has been transferred to Qatar’s central bank, but it has not been distributed to Iran yet. Nunn says Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world and if that money is released, it would let Iran redirect resources to groups like Hamas.

Nunn’s bill was among a dozen approved by the House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday. Nunn says the bill calls for the U-S to review any transaction — anywhere — that involves transfers of five million dollars or more to Iran.

Nunn, a Republican from Bondurant, says there have been Iranian backed strikes on US forces in the Middle East since the Hamas attacks on Israel last month.



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