Nurse: Watch Out For Frostbite & Hypothermia In This Frigid Weather

Northwest Iowa — The bone-chilling temperatures and dangerous wind chills of the past few days can be extremely dangerous, even life-threatening, according to Lisa Youngers of O’Brien County Public Health.

Youngers says it doesn’t take long to develop a frostbite injury.

She says frostbite normally attacks your fingers and toes.

Youngers says your best course of action if you develop frostbite is to make an immediate trip to see a healthcare provider.

She says another frigid weather hazard is hypothermia, a situation in which your body’s core temperature drops below normal.

Youngers says one way to help prevent hypothermia is to dress in layers to protect your body from the frigid temperatures. She says if you do develop hypothermia you need to get somewhere warm and allow your body to warm up. Sometimes, she says, you’ll need help to get your body temperature back up.

Remember, in this cold weather, cover any exposed skin to help prevent frostbite, and wear layers of clothing to help avoid hypothermia. Frostbite, in dire circumstances, can result in the loss of fingers and toes, while severe hypothermia can even result in death.


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