UPDATE: Prairie Queen Kiwanis Accepting Recyclable Paper

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Prairie Queen Kiwanis Club has announced that, while they can no longer accept cardboard for recycling, they are still collecting paper for recycling.

As you may recall, the club was informed earlier this month that their recycler would no longer be accepting cardboard, and the Kiwanis Club was in somewhat in limbo regarding paper recycling.

Dr. Ronald Zoutendam of the Prairie Queen Kiwanis told KIWA Friday morning that the club IS now accepting paper for recycling. Zoutendam says donations may be brought to the Love INC lot in Sheldon. Zoutendam says there is an open Love INC trailer parked there for your donations of paper.

Dr. Z thanked Sheldon residents for their patience over the past few weeks, and cordially invites and requests people to bring their recyclable paper to the trailer in the Love INC lot on Highway 18 West in Sheldon.


Original post 3:17pm, 7/15/2019

Sheldon, Iowa — For more than ten years the Sheldon Prairie Queen Kiwanis, in cooperation with Love INC, have been accepting recyclable cardboard and paper products as a fundraiser. But the future of that project is now somewhat up in the air.

Dr. Ronald Zoutendam of the Prairie Queen Kiwanis tells KIWA that the recycler the organization has used to recycle the card board and paper products is discontinuing their relationship with the Sheldon service club, at least as it concerns cardboard.

Zoutendam says the recycler cited “market conditions” as their reason for discontinuing their association with the Sheldon project.

We asked Dr. Zoutendam about the paper recycling.

He says the recycling has been a very good project for the Kiwanis and Love INC.

Zoutendam says the offshoot is that the recycling program is in limbo at this point in time.

Dr. Z says thanks to all the people who have been so helpful in the past, and asks for the public’s patience as the organization works through the current recycling dilemma.


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