Precipitation Deficit In 2023 Starts In June

Sheldon, Iowa — Although June 2023 started with a precipitation surplus, it wasn’t long before that surplus turned into a deficit, and the month ended with Sheldon being 1.42-inches below normal.

According to the weather facts ascertained daily by KIWA in downtown Sheldon, there were 10 days throughout the month that had measurable precipitation fall. In addition to that there were two days that had just a trace of rain, but it was not measurable. These 10 days’ rainfall totaled 2.08-inches, which is just over an inch and three quarters below the usual June precip of 3.91-inches. Over half of the 2.08 inches fell on two days, when the 17th of the month saw 0.67-inches, and the 23rd of the month when a half inch fell.

There were numerous severe thunderstorm warnings around Sheldon in the month of June 2023, but the city of Sheldon fell under a severe thunderstorm warning only with one weather event occurring in the early morning pre-dawn hours of the 24th.

The warmest that Sheldon got in June 2023 was 88-degrees, which occurred four times throughout the month, three of which were in the first week. The most frequent high for June 2023 was 86-degrees. That high was reached eight times throughout the month, half of which was a four-day stretch from the 20th through the 23rd of the month. No temperature records were broken in June 2023.

The lowest the mercury was allowed to drop in June 2023 in downtown Sheldon happened twice, on the 12th, and again on the 26th, when the low dropped to a relatively chilly 52-degrees.

When the highs and lows of the month were averaged out, June 2023 came in just a little warmer than the average normal highs and lows. The average high temperature for the month of June 2023 was 82-degrees, compared to the average normal high of 79. The average low temperature for June 2023 was 60, compared to the average normal low of 59. Compared to 2022, June matched the average high for the month, and was one degree warmer than last June’s average low of 59.



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