Redesigned & Renovated State Pier To Be Dedicated To The Late Berkley Bedell

Arnolds Park, Iowa — The State Pier at Arnolds Park has been completely redesigned and renovated, and will be dedicated this Saturday morning (September 5th).

Michele Goodenow is Executive Director of Imagine Iowa Great Lakes, and she tells us about the design of the new state pier.

(As above) “It features some precast concrete benches which are accented with the same wood product that the boardwalk itself is made from. It has a fountain with a mosaic tile bay and three stainless steel sail sculptures coming out of the fountain. Also, all of the donor pavers that were originally sold and engraved back when they saved the park, were re-engraved on granite pavers and inlaid. And we also have new planting beds. (And) Captain Steve Kennedy, whose bronze sculpture always sat on the pier, was replaced back in his original place.”

Goodenow says the new pier is being dedicated Saturday and named for a long-time Iowa Great Lakes area businessman and legislator.

(As above) “When the pier was being renovated Berkley Bedell passed away. And reading through all the letters to the editor, and the people who were just showing their sorrow and also celebrating the life of Berkley, the idea was born to pursue the idea of dedicating the pier in his name.”

She talks about what all was involved in being able to dedicate the pier to Congressman Bedell.

(As above) “(We) filled the application out, and the division of the DNR, the Natural Resources Committee, voted just early August to allow us to name the pier in his honor. And the reason we wanted to do that was because he served our country and community for so many years. (He) started Berkley and Company when he was fifteen and really helped shape the Iowa Great Lakes through his entire life.”

The ribbon cutting and dedication of the new Berkley Bedell State Pier will be held Saturday morning at 11:30 at the state pier, which is located at the end of the cul-de-sac adjacent to the Arnolds Park Amusement Park.



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