Rock Valley Bond Proponents Hope Third Time Is The Charm

Rock Valley, Iowa — Those in favor of an expansion project at Rock Valley Community Schools hope the third time is the charm in regard to a bond issue they hope to pass on November 7th.

Rock Valley Community School District Superintendent Matt Van Voorst tells us more.

He tells us what’s planned is one new space and shifting grades up, should the measure pass.

Van Voorst tells us how they came to be where they are now in the process.

He tells us it also includes additional parking space. He says from a safety standpoint, this is also needed due to congestion of bus lanes, student drop-off and teenagers driving. So more parking space would be created and an additional bus lane to create a safer environment.

One unique aspect of the project is the fact that it DOES include a new competition gym, but that part of the project would NOT be paid for by the bond issue that voters are deciding on on November 7th, says Van Voorst.

He gives us an idea of the impact the bond would have on taxpayers.

He tells us how you can find out more.

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