Roozebooms Jump From Plane

Rob & SharlaSheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon man who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy, along with his wife, had their first skydiving adventure during the Christmas holiday.

Rob and Sharla Roozeboom of Sheldon were spending Christmas with relatives in Phoenix, when they decided to go skydiving.  Rob, the President of Rise Ministries in Sheldon, tells us how it came about.

Rob talks about the preparation for the jump.

He says that, after waiting a couple of hours for the winds to subside, Saturday’s jump was canceled, since the winds were making it too dangerous.  He says, however, that by Monday weather conditions were ideal.

Roozeboom says the jump was from 13,000 feet, and describes his exit from the airplane.

Rob’s wife, Sharla, says she was nervous for him when she saw him being prepared for the jump.

Sharla says that, when Rob went out, the door on the plane partially closed, requiring the aircraft to circle the landing zone while it was prepared for the remaining jumpers.

Meanwhile, Rob describes the trip back to Earth.

Both Rob and Sharla describe their jumps as an extremely fun experience, and both say they want to do it again.

Here is a video of Rob and Sharla’s skydiving experience.

Here are some more photos from their skydive.

Rob & Sharla 2


Rob 1


Rob 2