SCDC: Use Your Merry Money By Christmas Eve!

Sheldon, Iowa — Most area chambers of commerce have special deals to help people shop for Christmas in their communities. In Sheldon, your time to use what they call “Merry Money” is quickly drawing to a close.

The Sheldon Chamber and Development Corporation and several Sheldon businesses offer and accept Merry Money. In Sheldon, it’s sold on one day only. This year, it was on Election Day.

Sheldon Chamber Director Shantel Oostra reminds us how Merry Money works.

(as said:) “You can purchase the money at a ten percent discount and it’s a total of 2,000 dollars per household or business that can be purchased.”

Oostra says the businesses and two organizations team up to make Merry Money available.

(as said:) “The SCDC office partners with the marketing committee and we offer a 5% discount we cover the 5% and then the participating businesses take a 5% discount on their sales. So that’s where the 10% discount comes in.”

So, Oostra says it’s just like saving ten percent on all your holiday purchases — or other purchases for that matter, as long as you make those purchases by Christmas Eve, December 24th.

There are 43 different Sheldon businesses that are taking part in the Merry Money program this year. Again, the last day to use your Merry Money is this Thursday — Christmas Eve Day — December 24th.



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