Just In Time, White Christmas Looking Quite Likely

Northwest Iowa — After many weeks of speculation and doubt, it looks like we’re going to get our white Christmas after all.

We talked to meteorologist Matthew Dux with the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls. He says while it may seem like we ALWAYS have a white Christmas, that’s actually not the case.

(as said:)”Historically in this part of the region. It’s about a 50-50 chance and I know we’ve been talking about maybe the chances being much lower this year, but we are seeing some snow. We have a reasonable chance of seeing some snow for the Christmas season.”

Dux says snow is in the forecast for this Wednesday. At last report, our part of northwest Iowa was supposed to get two to three inches and blizzard warnings are in effect. Dux says that is due to the windy conditions that are forecast. He says the winds will be pretty strong and gusty.

(as said:)”The snow is also going to come with quite a bit of wind. Wind gusts Wednesday, Wednesday afternoon, may gust over 40 miles an hour so could make travel difficult.”

Many people will be staying home for Christmas, but we asked him if there would be any travel difficulties for Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day.

(as said:) “It does look like it’s going to be clear and cold for Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day. Current forecast right now for Christmas Eve… you know it it’ll be pretty chilly when Santa’s trying to deliver presents as temperatures drop down into the single digits in most locations. Christmas day… not too bad in itself temperatures hovering just below the freezing mark in most locations and a good deal of sunshine.”

Dux also says the post-Christmas travel period looks pretty nice.

(as said:)”If you’re looking to travel after the Christmas holiday right now the forecast remains dry for Saturday. We’ll keep a closer eye on maybe another little light chance of snow for the Sunday time frame.”

So, it looks like we will have an actual white Christmas and won’t have to just “dream” of one like Bing Crosby.