Sheldon Crossing Traffic Light And Intersection Project Nearly Complete

Sheldon, Iowa — Crews are wrapping up the traffic light and intersection project at Sheldon Crossing by Taco John’s.

While the $757,000 project involves Highway 18, it is managed by the City of Sheldon. Sheldon Public Works Director Todd Uhl tells us the project is being completed right on time.

While the traffic lights have been put up, you’ll have to watch to see if they’re turned on and working or not. On Thursday morning, they were marked “Out of service,” meaning that traffic that didn’t have a stop sign could proceed with caution.

Law enforcement officers remind us that if you ever see a traffic light without a cover, but none of the lights are lit, it normally means there’s been a power outage, and you should treat the intersection like a four-way stop. However, that did not appear to be the case in this instance, since crews were installing the signals.


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