Sheldon Man To Be Honored With Governor’s Lifesaving Award

Sheldon, Iowa — Another northwest Iowan is being honored by the Governor’s office for saving a life.

It was in the middle of a snowstorm this past January, and David Andringa of Sheldon was driving a city snowplow. He tells us what happened.

(as said:) “We were in a blizzard and we’re plowing roads. And then I was plowing Poppema-Sikma’s road and I looked over and there Bob was laying on the ground with a payloader like almost above him and so I jumped out and grabbed my coat and ran over to him and then you know, made sure he was still alive or whatever and then I just wrapped him up in my coat and called… well I called 911, wrapped him up in my coat and then we slowly made it to the building. Because the garage had been hit with the payloader. So I brought him in there to get out of the wind and whatnot. And then yeah the ambulance came and that was about it.”

The “Bob” Andringa refers to is Bob Poppema of Sheldon.

Andringa was honored locally for his efforts shortly after the incident at a Sheldon City Council meeting. But recently Andringa and the City received word that he would be receiving the 2020 Governor’s Lifesaving Award. Normally there’s a ceremony, but that’s been postponed indefinitely while the country deals with the pandemic.

Sheldon Public Works Director Todd Uhl says while Andringa tells people he was “just doing what any decent human being would do,” they’re proud of Andringa’s actions.

(as said:) “We certainly think it’s quite an honor for Dave and we’re glad to have him on our staff and glad that he was observant on that cold snowy morning, you know it would have been pretty easy for him to drive by and not notice someone in trouble off in the distance. But yeah, we’re certainly happy that he was observant and able to help Bob out.”

The letter, signed by the Colonel of the Iowa State Patrol, Nathan Fulk, says they will notify Andringa when the ceremony has been scheduled.

Photo: Andringa and Poppema shake hands after Andringa was recognized at a Sheldon City Council meeting in Januray 2020.