Sheldon Mayor Talks About Franchise Agreements

Sheldon, Iowa — A hot topic of conversation around the coffee tables in Sheldon has been the revelation that the City of Sheldon had talked, in passing, about the potential of entering into a Franchise Agreement with MidAmerican Energy, similar to an agreement between the City and HTC Communications in Hospers.

Sheldon Mayor Katricia Meendering explains how a Franchise Agreement works.

HTC Communications is the provider of cable television service in Sheldon, as well as one of the internet service, and landline telephone, providers.

Mayor Meendering talks about how the City’s Franchise Agreement with HTC Communications works.

She stressed that the City is NOT entering into a Franchise Agreement with MidAmerican Energy at this time.

Meendering talked about the City’s Capital Improvement Plan.

She called the Capital Improvement Plan a “Wish List” for the City’s Departments.

The Mayor made her comments on Thursday morning’s KIWA Morning Show with Wayne and Aaron.


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