Sheldon Planning and Zoning Discuss Ideas

Council ChambersSheldon, Iowa — When the Sheldon Planning and Zoning Commission met recently they began the process of reviewing and updating the city’s comprehensive land use plan. The meeting was led by a representative of Northwest Planning and Development who presented the first five chapters of the plan for their review. These chapters cover the community history, physical features, and natural resources as well as public input and data gathering which was used to create the current plan. Commission members were asked to review the information in these chapters and bring changes to the next meeting.

The discussion then led to the current land use map and changes that are needed to bring it up to date. Commission members were then asked for ideas as to where the next business and residential expansions could take place. The area on the south side of the city between the railroad and the city limits was mentioned most often. There was also some discussion about “squaring up” the City Limit boundaries on the North side where several areas that are not in the city limits, are surrounded on three sides by the city boundaries including one business along Highway 18.

There will be more discussion of these ideas when the commission holds their next meeting scheduled for April 9th.



Hull Fareway Hosts Ribbon Cutting

Hull, Iowa – Fareway Stores, Inc. hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday for their much-anticipated new store located at the southwest