Sheldon Rec Trail On VNU Campus Now Reopened

Sheldon, Iowa — A portion of the Sheldon Recreational Trail that had been closed for replacement is open once again.

Village Northwest Unlimited in Sheldon has announced that the North section of the Recreational Trail that’s located on Village Northwest Unlimited property has been reopened.

The trail section was closed in September so that the trail could be replaced through a joint effort of Village Northwest Unlimited and the Sheldon Trails Committee. Both organizations came together to have Sheldon Farmers Market replace 1040 feet of trail that runs on the North side of the Village campus.

Village Northwest CEO Barry Whitsell says VNU is excited to be able to have worked with the members of the Sheldon Trails Committee to replace and upgrade the section of the Rec Trail that goes through the Village campus. He says the section is heavily used by Village residents and members of the public and, he says, everyone will be able to have a much safer and enjoyable experience on the trail with this improvement.

Photo of replaced trail section courtesy of Village Northwest Unlimited



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