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Sheldon United Fund Up Over $7000 In Last Week

Sheldon, Iowa — Donations to the 2022 Sheldon United Fund are ahead of the game.

The drive continues through the rest of the year. The goal this year is $30,000.

The fund drive is now 43% finished. The funds are at about 57% of goal, at $16,996. Over $13,000 has yet to be raised. To finish on goal, the drive now needs to average about $1900 per week through the rest of the year. In the last week, donors gave $7,108.

Pledge cards and contributions to any or all of the organizations served by the Sheldon United Fund may be dropped off at four different locations this year: Citizens State Bank, Iowa State Bank, Northwestern Bank, or People’s Bank. Explanations of the organizations are also available at those locations. You can also mail donations to PO Box 41, Sheldon, Iowa 51201.

The United Fund will be assisting 23 different organizations in Sheldon and the surrounding communities this year, and the board members thank the businesses and individuals of Sheldon and the surrounding communities for their continued support. They say it is greatly appreciated.

Click here for the explanations of the organizations.