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Auditor Corrects Error In Charges For Sheldon’s Special Election

Sheldon, Iowa — O’Brien County Auditor Barb Rohwer has corrected an error in the amount charged to the City of Sheldon to conduct the recent special election for mayor and at-large council representative.

Saturday morning (June 1st), KIWA received an email from Rohwer which read, in part, “I happened to see the story on the election billing online last night.  When I saw the mileage, I knew that was not correct.  I inadvertently put the miles not the amount in the column.” Rohwer went on to write, “My apologies for the error. Thanks to Tom for the news story or I might not have caught it!”

The original bill Rohwer submitted to the city included an amount of $190.00 for Mileage of Auditor. According to Rohwer’s email that was the total number of MILES, which was replaced by the correct mileage CHARGE of $95.00, which reduces the City’s cost from the original amount of $2,719.97 to a corrected total of$2,624.97.

For a look at the corrected bill submitted to the City of Sheldon by the O’Brien County Auditor’s Office, CLICK HERE.


Original post 12:16pm May 30, 2019

Sheldon, Iowa — Sheldon voters went to the polls in a special election last week to elect a new mayor and at-large city council member. Many of Sheldon’s residents were unaware, however, that the City of Sheldon must reimburse the O’Brien County Auditor’s Office for the cost of putting on that special election.

Sheldon City Manager Sam Kooiker has shared with KIWA the bill the City of Sheldon received from the O’Brien County Auditor’s Office for putting on the special election.

According to the document, Ballots and Programming for the special election cost $1,294.01. Publication of the Election Notice cost $403.86. Election Workers were paid $770.50. Mileage for the County Auditor is listed at $190.00, with a $40.00 charge for the Election Register.  Absentee Ballots, including Postage cost $21.60.

The total amount that Sheldon must pay the O’Brien County Auditor for conducting the special mayoral and at-large council election comes to $2,719.97.

The election results are now official after the O’Brien County Board of Supervisors canvassed them at their meeting earlier this week. Both newly-elected mayor Greg Geels, and at-large councilman Wayne Barahona will be sworn in at the beginning of next week’s Sheldon City Council meeting, which will be held Wednesday, June 4th.