Study: Orange City Hospital Contributes Millions To Local Economy

Orange City, Iowa — A recent study on the economic impact of hospitals had some interesting information about the Orange City Area Health System.

According to the study, last year, Orange City Area Health System generated 1,113 jobs that added over $109 million to Northwest Iowa’s economy, according to the study by the Iowa Hospital Association.

CEO of Orange City Area Health System, Marty Guthmiller, says, “We understand and embrace our role in the economy of the area. While people’s personal health and well-being is our primary goal, the economic health of our region is also extremely important.”

The study was compiled from hospital-submitted data to the American Hospital Association’s annual survey of hospitals. The study found that Iowa hospitals employed 145,252 people in 2022. As an income source, hospitals provided over $9.3 billion in wages. Hospital expenses accounted for over $21.5 billion of the state’s gross domestic product.

Orange City Area Health System’s impact on total wages was over $56 million, when factoring in jobs created because of health system presence and direct employment. In addition, the health system contributed over $1.1 million in community benefits, which includes free or reduced services, as well as charity care and bad debt.

IHA President and CEO Chris Mitchell says, “Iowa’s hospitals and health systems implemented the programs and services accounted for in this study in response to their communities’ needs. Many of these programs and services wouldn’t exist without hospital support and leadership. These efforts, with IHA’s advocacy, help ensure the financial stability of hospitals, making it possible for them to provide the services and programs most needed by the people they serve.”

(Courtesy Community First Broadcasting station KSOU in Sioux Center)