Sturgis Rally Numbers Down For First 3 Days…..But Not By Much

Sturgis, South Dakota — The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t having a major impact on attendance at this year’s Black Hills Motorcycle Classic in Sturgis, South Dakota.

Earlier this year it was announced that the vendors who depend up the annual pilgrimage of bikers to the Black Hills for their income would, themselves, be sponsoring this year’s event.

The 80th Sturgis rally began over the weekend, with the South Dakota Department of Transportation reporting traffic numbers down for this year, but not by much.

This past Friday, August 7th, 49,835 vehicles entered Sturgis, that’s down just 4.3-percent from the same day last year. On Saturday, the vehicle count was down 8-percent from 2019, to 54,804. Sunday’s vehicle count was 56,149, with is actually UP 1.1-percent from the same day a year ago.

The 3-day total, as compiled by the South Dakota Department of Transportation finds a total of 167,222 vehicles entering Sturgis, which is 3.8-percent fewer that the same period last year.

So while attendance is down, most normal Sturgis rally attendees appear to not be afraid of the pandemic.

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