“Success Kid” Mom Vs Former Congressman King Suit To Go To Trial In November

Washington, DC — A court date has been chosen for a federal case that accuses former northwest Iowa Congressman Steve King and his campaign of the unauthorized use of an internet meme.

Lacey Griner, owner of the copyright of the internet meme commonly called “Success Kid,” in which a toddler appears to be pumping or clenching his fist in a confident manner, says King used the meme without permission in an attempt to solicit campaign funds online. In creating the image, the creators appear to have lifted the boy’s image from the background beach of the original image and have instead placed the boy’s image in front of the US Capitol, with a headline that asks people to “Fund our memes!!!” It asks would-be donors to help “keep the memes flowing and the Lefties triggered.”

The case, filed in the final days of 2020, has had several proceedings, motions to dismiss, motions for extension, and more. The most recent document, a trial management order filed last week, says both sides have agreed to a trial date of November 14, 2022, in Sioux City.



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