Supreme Court Declines To Hear Case Of COVID Bar Closures

Statewide Iowa — The Iowa Supreme Court declined to address a lawsuit filed by bar and tavern owners who were forced to close by a COVID public health disaster proclamation.

The governor’s proclamation required bars in six counties to close on August 27th of 2020 due to rising cases of COVID. Six establishments in Polk and Dallas County sued but were denied a temporary injunction against closing. The governor rescinded her order on September 15th and the district court dismissed the lawsuit. The bars asked the Supreme Court to still rule on the case saying it is a public importance exception.

The Court declined saying they are not persuaded that the Governor rescinded her order in response to this lawsuit. It says the issues are important but many of the conditions during late summer of 2020 are unlikely to be replicated and a decision would not prevent future clashes over different pandemic-related orders made under changed conditions.

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