TSA Tips For Summer Travel

Des Moines, Iowa — The summer travel season is starting to pick up with the Independence Day holiday.

TSA spokesperson, Jessica Mayle, works at the state’s busiest airport and says the one key to successful air travel is to give yourself plenty of time.

Mayle says they see a lot of people who unintentionally bring items in their bags that can’t be taken on the plane.

She says there’s a place you can go to learn what is and what isn’t allowed.

Mayle says they also answer questions on social media.

Lines sometimes get long and people get impatient, but she says don’t take it out on the TSA workers who are checking you in.

She says you can speed things up with the TSA PreCheck expedited screening program.

While the lines at Iowa airports may not be as long as others across the country, Mayle says the tips are also important for the airports at your destination when you are getting ready to return from your trip.



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