Tulip Festival Continues In Orange City

Orange City, Iowa — The seventy-fifth Orange City Tulip Festival continues in Orange City.

Still picture courtesy SuperHiTech's Tulip Festival Cam
Still picture courtesy SuperHiTech’s Tulip Festival Cam

Julianna Pennings is the event’s coordinator.

(as said) “This is something that’s really important to us as the Orange City community,” she says, “to continue celebrating our heritage and our Dutch roots and we look forward to sharing that with everyone here and everyone who comes to visit.”

Many Orange City residents are wearing their iconic wooden shoes for this weekend’s events. Pennings says the different styles and colors of the costumes that people are wearing reflect which territory of the Netherlands their family came from.

(as said) “It’s a really fun thing to see, lots of color,” Pennings says. “…We love having so many people wear them.”

A new building opened in downtown Orange City last week where visitors can see and hear the city’s ornate “Dutch street organ” — the only working organ of its kind in the U.S.

(Street organ music)

The building is called the Stadscentrum. That’s the Dutch word for city center. In addition to serving as the new home for the street organ, the building houses the equipment for making wooden shoes.

This annual event started as a flower show in Orange City, then evolved into three-day-long event, with two parades daily. Tulips are the national flower of the Netherlands and the centerpiece of Orange City’s yearly festival.

(as said) “They look very good. The gardens all look really good. The different beds that we have planted around town all look great and the Tulip Town Bulb Company’s gardens are flourishing,” she says. “So, yes, the tulips look wonderful for our annual celebration.”

According to the city’s website, Orange City was settled in 1869 by four Dutch men who set out for northwest Iowa from the central Iowa colony of Pella. It was named Orange City in honor of the “Royal House of Orange” — that’s another way to refer to the royal family of the Netherlands.

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