Warmer And Wetter Than Normal May Puts Sheldon Above Normal Precipitation

Sheldon, Iowa — May 2023 was warmer and wetter than normal, and enough so that it brought Sheldon to above normal precipitation.

According to the weather data ascertained daily at the KIWA studios in downtown Sheldon, May 2023 was warmer than normal. The average high for the month of May 2023 was 76 degrees, compared to the normal average high of 72. The average low was 50 degrees, which is slightly warmer than the average normal low of 47. The warmest day of the month came on the last day. May 31st recorded a high temperature of 90.  The lowest the mercury dropped in May 2023 was when the month started out, dipping down to 30 degrees on the first and second of the month.

May 2023 had above average rainfall. Rainfall was recorded 11 days throughout the month of May. The wettest day was the last day of the month, when in a matter of an hour and a half 1.34 inches poured onto downtown Sheldon, as the first Severe Thunderstorm Warning that included Sheldon was issued for the year. The second wettest day of the month was mid-month, on the 12th, when 1.15 inches fell. The total rainfall for the month of May 2023 was 3.8 inches.  May was on track to be below normal rainfall until the last day’s thunderstorm. This wetter-than-normal May brought the year to date precipitation to 9.78 inches, which is just under a half inch above normal.