Wind Energy, Such As That Generated In Northwest Iowa, Partially Responsible For Decline In Greenhouse Gases

Northwest Iowa — An increase in wind-generated electricity is said to be partially responsible for a decline in the emission of greenhouse gases, for the second consecutive year. The largest wind farm in Iowa is located near Primghar, here in O’Brien County.

Iowa DNR senior environmental specialist, Marnie Stein, says statewide emissions decreased by two percent from 2015 levels. She says emission levels have decreased as Iowa’s power source has changed.

The power plant emissions decreased by 14 percent in the last year.

The emissions from power plants were the only greenhouse gas source in the state to see a decline in this year’s report, and they offset the increases in other areas, which were about five percent.

There are a couple of sources of emissions from agriculture.

Stein says the agriculture emissions are estimated using formulas based on the amount of acres farmed and the number of animals. Overall the report says the state let loose 128 million metric tons of greenhouse gases in 2016.

This is the 11th greenhouse gas inventory report that is mandated by the Iowa Legislature to document emissions trends and track progress in reducing emissions.



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