KIWA Marketplace for January 4

For Sale:

Two 2 1/2 dollar Indian Gold pieces/coins. 395-0165

Good used rear tires with 16″ rims at a reasonable price. 324-4871, or text me at 507-739-9885


Golf Cart and a good gun collection. 395-0016

Knowledge Nugget:

A few years ago, researchers at MIT found what they thought was the toughest tongue twister of all time. It is: “Pad kid poured curd-pulled cod.”

The creators of this tongue twister said the phrase and repeated it 10 times as fast as possible. It is designed to trigger speech errors.


KIWA Marketplace for February 22

For Marketplace Plus: Purebred American Eskimo (white spitz) puppies. For Sale: Seven 2 1/2 dollar Indian gold pieces. 395-0165 Patio set

KIWA Marketplace for February 20

For Marketplace Plus: Double blower setup for cattle showing, chicken coop cages Two-year old Maytag washer and dryer. Price reduced to