KIWA Marketplace for January 5

For Marketplace Plus:

2024 New Elite gooseneck trailor and a 2024 HP new 24′ flat bed trailer

For Sale:

Double blower settup for showing cattle. 712-470-0348

“N” scale model train cars. Have 30 various railroad cars along with three engines. All are in excellent condition. Buying most of them in Germany. It is unknown if the engines run, or not. Asking $100. Call 712-221-9290 and leave a message.


Used Maytag washer. Does work, fills with water, drains and spins. Sometimes doesn’t spin at high speed. May be used for parts, or steal. Located at 512 Washington, Ave. in Sheldon on the curb. Can be picked up at any time.

Foodie Friday:

It is National Whipped Cream Day! Here are five facts about whipped cream:

  1. It’s old. Whipped cream has been around since the 16th century. It was included in recipes that date back to 1549 in Italy and 1604 in France. It was first called whipped cream in 1673 according to the Oxford Dictionary, but the French did have a recipe for whipped cream back in 1629.
  2. It used to be called “milk snow” in French as well at Italian. A 1545 English recipe for “A Dish Full of Snow” is a variation on whipped cream. It includes egg whites and rosewater.
  3. You can whip it with a branch. Up until the 19th century, recipes for whipped cream called for whipping the cream with a willow, or rush branch for a practical whisk as it takes over an hour to make a batch.
  4. Cream only whips at temperatures under 50 degrees. Any warmer and it becomes butter.
  5. The world record for the tallest dollop of whipped cream on a mug of hot chocolate is 7 1/4 inches. The record was set in 2011.

KIWA Marketplace for July 22

For Marketplace Plus: 2017 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic. For Sale: SanSpa 5-star walk-in tub. Used less than a year. All

KIWA Marketplace for July 19

For Marketplace Plus: 2017 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic. One female Bernese mountain dog puppy. For Sale: 4-bike carrier for a

KIWA Marketplace for July 18

For Marketplace Plus: One female Bernese Mountain dog puppy. For Sale: 16-foot Hog Stockade panels. 712-441-7041 2010 Buick Lacrosse CXS. It

Local News

How high can steer prices climb?

IARN – Despite very low overall numbers of beef cattle in the country, United States beef producers have continued to produce