Marketplace for May 4, 2023

KIWA Marketplace is on KIWA FM 105.3, and Streamed Live on our website, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 9:15 am

Call during the program at 712-324-5377, text 712-324-2597, or email

All items and garage sales called/texted/emailed in will be added to this web page. No real estate, including real estate rentals, and handguns.


For Sale:

ABCA Registered Border Collie Puppies – Make Great Family And/Or Work Dogs. — Call Or Text 712-460-0280 

For the quilter, a large assortment of fabric 712-324-2994 

20 Morgan silver dollar coin slabs – 712-395-0165 

Heavy duty post auger for a 3-point tractor, PTO driven 712-540-7479 

Give Away:

Farm Cats And/Or Kittens. Males Or Females. — 712-491-0299 

Knowledge Nugget:

Today is Star Wars Day… so here is a Star Wars Nugget… At Star Wars Celebration 2017, George Lucas confirmed that Chewbacca was inspired by his dog. 


KIWA Marketplace for April 12

For Marketplace Plus: 20-foot bale elevator. Free tires For Sale: White steel off a machine shed. It measures 32″X 25 feet

KIWA Marketplace for April 11

For Marketplace Plus: 20-foot bale elevator. Free tires. For Sale: Small electric chain saw for $25; electric start snow blower $125;

KIWA Marketplace for April 10

For Marketplace Plus: Free tires. For Sale: 225 Morgan Silver Dollars; 10 2 1/2 dollar Indian Gold pieces. 395-0165 John Deere

KIWA Marketplace for April 9

For Sale: 55-gallon steel barrels and 55-gallon plastic barrels. 712-324-1015 Wooden Presota beam. 9”-17”-22 feet long. 712-281-0736 Power washer. $40. 324-3005

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