DOT: Standing Corn Can Be Used As Snow Fence

Ames, Iowa — With the summer-like weather we are experiencing, it’s sometimes tough to remember that winter weather is on the way — possibly in 7 or 8 weeks. But now’s the time to plan for winter weather, and the Iowa Department of Transportation is doing just that.

They are asking farmers who live along state highways to leave some corn standing as a snow fence. Former northwest Iowan Craig Bargfrede, who is now the Winter Operations Administrator for the Iowa DOT in Ames tells us about the program.

He says they’ve revised the program a little in recent years.

Bargfrede tells us that the bonus is that not only will the DOT pay you for the value of the corn, but you can also still harvest it by hand in the fall or by hand or machine in the spring.

Bargfrede says if you don’t know what garage to call or who to ask for, you can just call him at 515-290-2713 and he will help you get in touch with the person who handles the program at the local level.



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