Keeping Weaned Calves Healthy

(IARN) — Calves often contract respiratory challenges during weaning, costing producers time and money.

Purina recently asked, “Can we keep calves healthier, while reducing total use of antibiotics?”

Ted Perry, cattle nutritionist with Purina, speaks to years of research, which identified a component, which prepares a calf’s natural defenses to combat respiratory challenges.

“We have compounds we can feed that we know spike the immune system, fire up the immune system. We (created) a product called RX3 with the research we have. The reason we call it RX3 is because calves recognize the disease quicker, respond sooner and recover faster,” Perry said.

RX3 Immune Support Technology includes a precise combination of prebiotics, probiotics and plant extracts, which support overall calf health and serve as a “health insurance policy” for starter calves. Research highlights the benefits of this new technology in weaned calves.

“When we use that product in starting calves, we have only half the calves get sick and half the treatments with RX3 calves as we do control pen calves. We’re actually treating those calves two days sooner, and calves with the RX3 treatment are healthy and on their way to recovery when other calves are just getting sick,” Perry said.

All Purina Precon and Purina Accuration Starter complete feeds and Purina Stress Care 5 supplement feeds contain RX3 Immune Support Technology. Visit or contact your local Purina dealer for additional product information.

Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.

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