Iowa GOP Chair Tells State Convention Delegates Getting Trump Elected Is Priority #1

Clive, Iowa — The Iowa GOP’s chairman says getting Donald Trump elected is all the matters in the 2024 election.

Over a thousand Iowa Republicans gathered in Clive Saturday for the party’s state convention. Party chairman Jeff Kaufmann told the delegates the party’s number one priority is the presidential race.

Kaufmann says there are people in the party who have reservations about Trump, but he suggests they must have beefs with President Biden on a variety of issues.

In her state convention speech, Governor Kim Reynolds made a passing reference to January’s Iowa Caucuses. Ron DeSantis, the candidate she endorsed last November, won got 21 percent.

Reynolds, who issued a written statement in March endorsing Trump, verbalized it on Saturday. “He is a fighter. He is a leader. He will close the border on day one. He will bring our economy back and our enemies will know that America is back!” Reynolds said, to cheers. Attorney General Brenna Bird, who endorsed Trump before the Iowa Caucuses, said the Trump campaign is depending on a big margin of victory in Iowa, so they can focus on winning other states.

The delegates were shown video messages from Iowa’s U.S. Senators, both of whom urged Iowa Republicans to stand firm and work to elect Trump. A Des Moines Register “Iowa Poll” conducted at the end of February showed Trump leading Joe Biden in Iowa by 15 points. The Iowa DEMOCRATIC Party’s state convention is June 15th. Democrats held district conventions Saturday. Iowa Democratic Party chairwoman Rita Hart told delegates at the second district convention in North Liberty that it’s important to get Democrats elected to the state legislature, to restore common sense and fairness in state government.


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