Creighton Economist Says State Starting Year On A Positive Note

Omaha, Nebraska — Creighton University economist, Ernie Goss, says the economy in Iowa and other midwest states headed into the new year on a positive note. Goss does a survey of purchase managers, that showed a number above neutral growth for December.

The Federal Reserve announced it was going to cut interest rates six to seven times in 2024, Goss is skeptical of that.

He says the Fed is expecting inflation to continue to be an issue.

Goss says the federal government pumped money into the economy to avoid the recession.

He says the federal government’s putting the money into the economy at the same time the Federal Reserve is cutting the money supply, and that is going to continue.

Goss says Iowa and other midwest states have so far weathered those economic moves better than other areas of the country.


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