Iowa’s Twister Tally Is Growing, Approaching All-Time Record

Iowa — As the experts study the damage, satellite photos and other data, the number of tornadoes that have hit Iowa this year continues to rise.

The National Weather Service now says Iowa has had 94 tornadoes touch down in the state this year, in what’s still considered a preliminary count. That includes 45 tornadoes during April, which broke the record for the month of 40, set in April of 2001. We had 48 more tornadoes in May, and one confirmed so far in June. The yearly total record for Iowa is 120 tornadoes, set in 2004. There are still roughly three weeks left in the three-month tornado season, though twisters can strike during any month.

Back in 2021, Iowa had a record of 63 tornadoes in a single day — in December.


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