Sanford Sheldon Hosts Heart & Vascular Screening Unit On “Heart Day”

Sheldon, Iowa — Wednesday — Valentine’s Day — was “heart day” — candy and flowers and all that — but some people in Sheldon were thinking of the other kind of heart — the real deal.

Sanford Sheldon held a heart and vascular screening today. Sanford officials tell us they were nearly completely booked solid for the event.

Lori Visker is the manager of Sanford Health’s Heart and Vascular Screening Center, and she tells us why people come in.

This reporter had the heart screening done. First, the Sanford folks had me fill out some information. Then they took me to an exam room and they asked a few more questions and did an electrocardiogram or EKG. They took a little blood, and explained some of the results. Then it was time to go out to the heart and vascular trailer in the parking lot for a CT scan of the heart to see if I had any calcified plaque buildup in any of my arteries.

Visker says they also did vascular screenings, and she tells us what that entailed.

She says if you missed today’s heart and vascular screening, they do these screenings all the time at their Sioux Falls facility, and you can ask your provider for more information.



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