Bill Would Let Private CPAs, Not State Auditor, Review State Spending

Des Moines, Iowa — A bill introduced in the Iowa Senate would let state agencies hire private C-P-A firms to audit government spending rather than have the state auditor’s office do it.

Senator Mike Bousselot, a Republican from Ankeny, says private CPAs can audit state agencies in Illinois.

Senator Tony Bisignano, a Democrat from Des Moines, says this is the second year in a row Republicans have introduced a bill to limit the authority of State Auditor Rob Sand.

John McCormally is chief of staff in the state auditor’s office. He told lawmakers it would likely cost the state five MILLION dollars more to have private CPAs do the work that’s being done now by the state auditor’s office.

Marlys Gaston recently retired as the chief deputy in the financial audit division in the state auditor’s office. She worked for two Republican state auditors as well as Democrat Rob Sand and she’s raising concerns about the bill.

A lobbyist for the Iowa Society of Certified Public Accountants told lawmakers fewer CPA firms are willing to audit government agencies due to the nationwide shortage of CPAs. Bousselot says letting state agencies hire private CPA firms for audits might boost the workforce.

The bill has cleared a Senate subcommittee.


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