Sheldon Residents: Turn Down Your Softeners

Sheldon, Iowa — Sheldon residents — it is time. Time to turn down your water softener.

That’s from Sheldon Public Works Director Todd Uhl. He says Sheldon’s water until now has been pretty “hard.” That is, it had a fair amount of dissolved minerals, due to the minerals in the rock that the water has to percolate through. But, because Sheldon’s water is now being mixed with water from the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System, all that has changed.

Uhl says city personnel will not be going door to door, as some softeners are owned by the homeowner, some are rented, and so forth.

He says that’s good both for water customers and for the City.

Lewis & Clark was connected to Sheldon in mid-December, but it has taken a while to purge the old water through the system, according to Uhl.

Click here for more information from the City of Sheldon.


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