Former Orab Wins College 3 Point Shooting Contest

Sheldon Iowa — The top 3 point shooter at Iowa State Colleges is a former Sheldon Orab. Tyler Johnson is a sophomore at the University of Iowa. He recently competed at the University of Iowa 3 point shooting contest and was crowned the champion for the university.

After winning the competition at Iowa, he then had the chance to compete against the winners from the other state schools in Iowa at halftime of the Iowa State men’s basketball game on Saturday February 15th where he converted on the opportunity.

At that competition, Tyler took the overall state 3 point shooting contest. “Ty J” is the Sheldon record holder for career 3 pt. % by making 51.4% for his career and 66/130 during his senior year as the Orabs made a run to the State Tournament and a 4th place finish at the 2017 tournament.

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