Northwest Iowa Community College Unveils New Competitive Sports Logo to Inspire Athletic Spirit

Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) announces the launch of its new competitive sports logo, marking a bold step in the evolution of the college’s athletic identity. This fresh emblem, a reimagined version of the college’s beloved mascot, Thunder, is designed to embody the fierce competitiveness of NCC’s athletes while honoring the institution’s rich history.

The new logo is a dynamic reinterpretation of Thunder, crafted to showcase the fierce competitiveness inherent in NCC’s sports teams. This design divergence is critical; it serves to distinguish between the combative spirit in the athletic arena from the friendly, approachable persona of Thunder, which we’ve proudly maintained for our general college activities and community engagements. Our goal is to ignite a spirit of athletic prowess without altering the welcoming image of our mascot suit, which continues to be a hit with children and families.

A pivotal element of this new logo is the lightning bolt. This is not merely a nod to Thunder’s electric persona but also homage to the storied history of NCC, particularly our award-winning electrical programs. The bolt symbolizes the energy, speed, and sharpness that our athletes bring to the field, resonating with the ‘Thunder’ in our name and our institution’s legacy in electrical excellence.

“Northwest Iowa Community College has consistently celebrated achievements across the spectrum, from academic success to athletic victories. This new logo stands as a powerful symbol of our dedication to excellence in sports,” said Kristin Kollbaum, Director of Marketing & Communications. “With the launch of our new soccer programs along with our existing Sport Shooting Team it seems like the perfect time for this reimagination of Thunder. We are excited to see how this emblem galvanizes our teams and supporters, igniting a spirit of ambition and pride.”

The athletic logo is expected to debut across various athletic platforms, including team uniforms, promotional materials, and digital media. It represents not just a visual change but a pledge to foster a competitive and dynamic sports culture within the college.

For more information about the new sports logo please contact Kristin Kollbaum, Director of Marketing & Communications at,. For more information about NCC athletic offerings contact Beth Sibenaller-Woodall, Interim Athletic Director, at, or call her at 712-324-5061.

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